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Balloonist v2.0!

A sophisticated comics word balloon editor and panel layout application for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux & more. Production-quality comics layout has never been so easy!

You can throw out your rulers and lettering guides. With Balloonist v2.0, you can add balloons, starbursts, narrations, and images, all of which can be dynamicly moved and resized while maintaining perfect text alignment. Control balloon rectangularness! Control stem curvature! It's all here!

Share & Enjoy the source code, on github


Additional Features:

  • Vertically orient Japanese & Chinese text
  • Spread text across merged, tied & skewered ovals
  • Support for Explicit Line Breaks
  • Outputs to Acrobat PDF, SVG, and the Clipboard for high-quality export to other illustration software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Full Undo support
  • Gouache tool to replace text in existing comics
  • Works with scanned-in fonts generated by programs like FontLab and TypeTool
  • Variable balloon text margins
  • Variable Zoom and Scaled Image Export
  • Control font styles & drawing colors
  • Drag 'n Drop-enabled Object Hiearchy tree
  • Instantly fit panels to a page
  • Move the gutters between panels!
  • Exquisite levels of control over ruffles, prongs and stems
  • Vary the rectangularness of Ruffled Ovals and Starbursts

For more information, read the product manual online, or see the answers to frequently-asked questions.


System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.4 or later. The Mac OS X version is a Universal Binary and supports both PowerPC and Intel processors.

-- or --

Windows, Linux or Solaris with Java 1.4 or later, which often comes pre-installed. For more information, please consult the product manual.

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